Vyktory Expert  S.R.L. was founded in February 2008 and has as main activity the provision of services expertise in accounting, accounting, economic evaluations, financial accounting and consulting assistance, economic and financial analysis, external and internal censorship, etc..
About Us
     The company is headquartered in the city of Buzau, Buzau and is registered in panel members CECCAR 005061/28.03.2008 with the authorization number.
      The company management is provided by the chartered accountant  OPRISANU CATALIN VIOREL  and chartered accountant OPRISANU GHERGHINA , specialists with over 20 years experience in financial accounting in both the budgetary and economic sector.

        The company has specialists in the fields covered by its activity, responding promptly to requests undertakings and institutions to protect them from risks arising from the excessive taxation and legislation continues to change. The company provides accounting services and financial consulting, accounting and English.

        Vyktory Expert  S.R.L. is insured against professional risks and assume full responsibility for the accuracy of work done .
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Nr. Reg. Com.: J10/139/2008
CUI: 23155225

Headquarters : Str. Libertatii nr.79, Buzau, jud. Buzau